• Developer: Horned Llama Studio
  • Publisher: Horned Llama Studio
  • Year: Not yet released
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC (free demo)

Disclaimer: This game was developed by a member of the Queerly Represent Me team.

Constellations is about an unnamed, gender ambiguous player-character who has lost their memory and must regain their sense of identity by listening to and choosing whether to trust other crew members. The game features Riven, a sassy, nonbinary pilot who identifies as asexual. The game also features Tau, a bisexual man who loves cooking.

Although the game does not feature explicit relationships between the player-character and the other characters, there are implications and flirtations. Some narrative branches reveal a past man-woman relationship between Chris and Anika, and some can also rekindle this relationship. Some narrative branches also reveal Saanvi's previous girlfriend (although she does not identify as a particular sexuality, preferring to simply love or interact with whoever suits her fancy). There are also narrative branches where Saanvi and Anika are said to have a sexual relationship, although they are not dating.