Heroes of Newerth

  • Developer: S2 Games Frostburn Studios
  • Publisher: Frostburn Studios
  • Year: 2010
  • Genre: MOBA
  • Platform/s: PC

Heroes of Newerth features a 'flamboyant pack', which changes the sound effects for certain moves and alters the voice of the announcer to that of a stereotypical gay man. For instance, sound clips such as the original 'bloodlust' are replaced with 'cherry popper' and 'hat tricks' becomes 'it's a threeway'. The developer has said that the stereotypical voiceovers are part of a broad range of diverse voiceovers designed to help players 'express and differentiate themselves'; however, this is not appreciated by all players, as the queer community often tries to avoid these stereotypes, not encourage or identify with them. With these voiceovers, as well as rainbow text overlays and innuendos to gay sex, it is speculated that queer inclusions in Heroes of Newerth are more about ridicule than representation.